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Spring Cleaning

hands-grasping-sun-sq-300Spring is trying to arrive! Along with it, fresh flowers come and a renewed sense of energy and a desire for new growth and change. In welcoming this season, spring cleaning has become a ritual of mine, but I don’t just mean tidying up the yard or the garage. Spring cleaning around my home incorporates the KonMari method* and asks “What sparks joy”?

I like to take it to the next level and apply those same principles to my dietary and lifestyle choices and the purpose they serve. My top 3 things to “clean” this spring include:

1. Food- Eliminate Processed Foods/ Refined Sugars. These foods can often find their way into the diet over the winter months and are not working towards anyone’s health goals.

  • Choose real, whole foods whenever possible.
  • For when to buy organic vs. conventionally grown produce, check out the Environmental Working Groups’ Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen Guide.

2. Electronics- Digital Minimalism. For a society that is so connected through social media, we are very disconnected from what matters the most (i.e. relationships with family, friends, ourselves and nature).

  • Phone. Keep important apps (weather, maps, internet browser etc.) and delete any apps on your phone that are draining your time and/or energy.
  • Try to set a certain time of the day where you respond to text messages/ emails.
  • Learn to spend more time alone without your phone and/or a constant influx of information. Consider picking up a hobby to help pass the time.

3. Headspace- Mental Detox. Life gets busy! Take some time to assess where you are spending your time and energy and whether or not it is worthy.

  • Focus on strengthening the relationships that bring happiness and support into your life. Include the relationship with yourself.
  • Practice some type of mindfulness (yoga, meditation, deep breathing, self check-in).

Yours in health,
Dr. Maracle ND

If you are ready to take your spring cleaning and your health to the next level, please consider booking a consultation with Dr. Maracle ND.

*Check out ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo for some spring cleaning information.

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