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Chiropractic for Kids - More Than Just a Treatment

Photo of Dr. Sarah and a patient on a chiropractic table

You might be surprised to hear that kids LOVE their chiropractic treatments. Often times, they run in and dive on the table in order to be first in line for a treatment. Some do not want to leave the table when their turn is over!  Others fall asleep while they receive their treatments. Parents frequently marvel at their kids enthusiastic response to their chiropractic treatment – a handful have even offered to YouTube their child so that other parents can see the value in this experience.

In addition to the benefits of Chiropractic at any age, teaching a child to take a moment to express how they feel and tune into their own body is, in my opinion and invaluable gift! Our world is busy and shows no signs of slowing down – we need to TEACH our children to care for their body BEFORE it screams at them in pain! This is a skill and like any other learned behavior it takes time to develop. Regular monthly tune-ups help with this learning process!

Children love adjustments with Dr. Sarah!

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